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megan faschoway

megan faschoway

Cloverdale, BC

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megan faschoway

megan faschowaywrote a review of on March 27, 2016

oh dear
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Bought this for an upcoming trip as a carry on for some camera gear among other things but sadly it will be going back.
I'm a rather tall person at 6'1'' but this hit at an awkward spot on my low back/upper hip and would become an annoyance after more than an hour.
The quality of the fabric is wonderful though, but the front leather patch was cut very poorly. Considering this is American made I would have expected more attention to detail as that's their whole thing.
Not enough pockets, not enough space and awkwardly tall.
Mind you, this would be a great bag for a lot of people but just sadly didn't fit the bill I was looking for.