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Megan N.

Megan N.

Megan N.

Megan N.wrote a review of on February 14, 2012

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I rode the 2010 model and it delamed when i had a run in with rail so i assumed it was my fault. I switched it around so that my undamaged tail was in the front and then my new nose delamed without me hitting anything and k2 wouldn't send me a new one.

I made the mistake of buying the 2011 model this season because the board is definitely flexi and fun and i jsut assumed that both delams were my fault on my old board. This season my new board delamed again after just a couple months of riding. I've talked to three other girls whose vavavoom did the same thing. Fun board but expect it to break down on you after a few months of riding. Don't waste your money, expecially when k2 is wack about sending out a new one.