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mewrote a review of on November 2, 2009

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Up until now I have loved these buds. Skull Candy needs to step it up and spring for longer lasting material though. On both buds where it has the "R" and "L", has broken off on both just below the speaker. The cord has cracked and wire is exposed, constantly snagging on my shirt while I am riding my bike.
The stock ear fittings that come with these completely blow. They slipped out of my ears all the time, and I have tried all 3 sizes. Eventually they ended up cracking and falling apart. I sprung for the fitted foam ear fittings and the sound quality jumped up 3 fold. Your ears don’t hurt after long duration of wearing them and they block out all surrounding noise. I definitely recommend these for work. I just wish they came with the foam ear bit instead of these sub-par rubber ones.