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mda1125-0wrote a review of on January 16, 2007

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After being on Switch bindings for 6 years and having no issues, I figured these high end Burton's would last me another 6+ years.
Boy was I wrong!
1st trip to Mammoth and only the 2nd run, I went to tighten up the left front toe strap and guess what?...
It was gone!
It literally fell off somewhere on the mountain. 2nd run, 1st time I ever used them.
Went to the repair shop and they had a buckle from last year and it fit and worked.
But that's not all!
My last run, I looked down and felt the right front toe strap wasn't tight.
As I grabbed it to crank it down it came off in my hand! This is on the other foot. Both toe straps fell apart on the hill after 1 day of using them. Brand new out of the box.
The REAL problem? The toe buckle is ONLY held on by a single screw. It's only about 3-4 threads deep. It's going to come off and get loose. Now I understand you want to check and tighten your bindings every day but every run? That's a bit excessive. Needless to say, I returned them promptly as the design of them is weak.
Stiff and responsive? Absolutely. But a poor design and easily can fall apart. A single screw holding a strap on a major area like the toe strap which you will tighten is a bad design.
I wouldn't recommend them just because they are designed with poor quality.