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Garrett M.

Garrett M.

Garrett M.

Garrett M.wrote a review of on February 20, 2012

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The new BD Icon is in a class somewhat by itself.

The other main headlamps in this class; PTec Apex, Mammut X-zoom and X-shot, and Petzl Myo do not offer both both red and white light with a rear bat. pack and the level of adjustability.

The Icon fits well, the front portion is light weight and the switch is glove usable though not friendly.

The one question with the new BD Icon will be durability. It does feel slightly less robust than the Apex.

The other factor which will probably not matter to many folks is beam quality. The Icon puts out a beam that is not uniform is brightness or shape. Especially when compared to say a Zebra light (which is not surprising). However, even when compared to my Petzls and PTecs, the beam on the Icon is sub par.

Given the negative factors I have mentioned, why should someone buy this Head-Lamp?

It has awesome battery life while putting out your choice of 4-200 lumens, is tested to be water proof, has infinite output adjustment in both white and red light.

This is not going to replace my Zebra light, Petzl zipka or tikka, It is going to be used for extended night use when Weight and size are only secondary concerns.