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Max Mitchell

Max Mitchell

The Appalachian Trail

Max Mitchell's Bio

I retired from teaching in the inner city..motorcycle tour, sea kayak, and hike on the AT for a month every April.I also build my own skin-on-frame Greenland traditional seakayaks and tour on Georgian Bay/Lake Huron.I turned 65 in November 2009 and hope to stay active.Contact me on facebook if you want to go hiking or paddling with me and my friends.Keep well and happy, Max

Max Mitchell

Max Mitchellwrote a review of on December 17, 2009

4 5

As others have said this shirt will stink very litle when sweating.I ilke the feel of the cloth on my skin. I wear my shirts day and night.After buying this shirt 2 years ago I have bought 3 other shirts and 3 pairs of socks because I think Icebreaker is wonderful stuff. The reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5 is because after a year+ my first shirt developed little holes in about 3 places so the fabric is not so tough as some other fabrics in my experience. Secondly, I found my dark blue shirt faded to a purplish colour I do not like.Yet I recently bought more Icebreaker goods because even though they are very expensive and not so tough and prone to fading i still will not stop wearing Icebreaker goods...NOTE: on two of my other model shirts the tags sewed inside at the left sides had to be cut out by me as they were sharp-edged and scratching my skin too much..The T-shirt above has no such annoying tags.