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Matthew H.

Matthew H.

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Matthew H.

Matthew H.wrote a review of on October 14, 2010

Best Ice Tool Ever?
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These tools are great, and have a few characteristics that I think really set them apart from other high-end ice tools. The double curve in the shaft really seems to open up the pick angle, allowing for a more natural swing, especially on less than vertical ice, than you will get from something like a Nomic. Add a set of triggers to the handle, and you've got what is probably by far the most secure grip on any tool available. The grip, by the way, is now molded rubber. I noticed that the pic on this site is of the older model. I hated the stupid yellow scrunchy things at the top of the shafts, so I replaced them with electrical splicing and insulating tape. Let's just say it didn't affect my one-swing sticks any. These tools get better sticks if you don't swing so hard. It takes more of a flick of the wrist, so they aren't for anyone looking to tee off on every swing. I've been using them lately for dry-tooling. Great for that too, except the shaft is only b-rated. That said, they work great for that, and seem plenty strong enough. The super-narrow head is wonderful for slotting into cracks and chandeliered ice alike. also, the picks are grivel, so they're as tough as they come. Bottom line, these are the tools. Period.