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marlinmajnoonwrote a review of on May 4, 2011

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This may be a good shovel for all I know, but I was looking for a 40 inch shovel and this one is only 31.5 inches fully extended. Check for the correct stats on this product.
When I asked to pay for the return, they graciously did so, but also told me that the assembled length as described "30-40.5in (71-103cm)" is a range that covers the 31.5 inches I measured. You've been warned.





marlinmajnoonwrote a review of on February 21, 2010

4 5

It's ugly as sin, warm as hell, and doesn't stink at all to high heaven. I wore it as a base layer and with an uninsulated hard shell was all I needed while playing hard in under freezing temperatures. I thought it was pretty comfortable and the sleeve thumb hole is for me a non issue because if I need this baselayer, I need gloves too. It does suppress even my odor, though not as well as silver impregnated material does. If money wasn't an object I'd probably go for something higher end, but by buying this I save enough to pay for gas to go skiing again. Nice job, Backcountry.