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markmarkmarkwrote a review of on March 27, 2009

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I bought ones few years back and they're awesome. My hands tend to sweat a lot in warmer gloves so I use these quite much even on chilly days. The coldest temperature I find these good for me is -10 degrees celsius (which is according to google 14 degrees Fahrenheit, I'm from Finland so I don't know the Fahrenheits so well) when park riding. Might be a little bit cold if riding long chair lift rides etc.

The rubber decals tend to tear away in use, I have like a one A and one N left, but who gives. At least I don't care if my gloves say Dakine or not as long as they're nice for my hands. Someone above pointed that they're not lined but I don't find that as a problem for my hands, they feel comfy and nice. Pre-carved, or how do you say it, fingers also help you have a better grip from your ski poles. Also great durability I've carried my skis a million times holding skis from the edges when hiking pipe etc. and not one cut on the palms of my gloves. Bad odour doesn't stick on the gloves either my hands sweat a lot and I even smoke with the gloves on my hands and they smell just like they came from the store, neoprenish and rubberish.

If I really try to find something bad to mention about these gloves it would be that the red rubber grip on the palms have colored my white pole grips a bit but again I couldn't care less.

I'm definetly gonna order a new pair just in case when I come to US in May, bit pricey here. Only thing I have to find out is which size should I pick. I found mine from a bargain bin and they say small but when I tried few other pairs that were also size small they were way too small for me. So I think my gloves have got the wrong tag sewn on them at the factory since my Hestras and other gloves are usually size 9/medium.