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Marya  J.

Marya J.

Marya  J.

Marya J.wrote a review of on January 17, 2011

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These boots have some wonderful features: waterproof and tough yet not clunky and super cute. However, I would warn a potential buyer with a few observations. I run a bit cold and found the boots to not be nearly as warm as the -25F rating suggests, although I feel very comfortable at 10F. Also, the sizing is a bit tricky since the boots run a tiny bit big in my opinion, but there are also the factors of sock thickness and whether or not you use an in-sole, which I believe these boots need since they have no support. I wear a 9.5 and got the 10 so I could wear thick socks and put in that extra support. Plus, an in-sole makes the boots a bit more insulated. Overall, I love the boots and would/ have recommended them to a friend. Just try them on and really walk around a bit if you can.