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Todd M.

Todd M.

Todd M.

Todd M.wrote a review of on December 31, 2009

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Just goes to show it depends a lot on your face. I have a smaller face/head/nose and the Splice actually obstructs my nose breathing more than my old A frame goggles. It doesn't put uncomfortable pressure on the bridge of my nose, but then I've never had a goggle do that.

Also they say downward vision is increased with the Splice, but for me it's not the case. It's a taller goggle than the A frame, so I get more upward vision, but the cutoff on downward vision is in the same place. The splice offers slightly more peripheral vision as well. However due to the much taller/wider nose pad foam it obstructs my vision more than on the A frame. So where on the A frame I have a nice even lower limit to my vision the Splice as a noticeable "obstruction" area around the nose. It makes looking downward odd and I find myself frequently turning my head to get around the dead spot in my vision around the nose area. With the extra upper vision and peripheral vision the Splice does have less of a "tunnel" vision effect than the A frame.

Also while I think the splice works better with a helmet than the A frame due to the wider strap bars, it does not work nearly as well without a helmet as the bars don't move at all as on the A frame to conform to a wider range head/helmets. I always wear a helmet so no big deal for me, but for those that don't it may keep the goggle from sealing well.

Overall a nice goggle, but I wouldn't say they are anything impressive compared to the old A frames.