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m_mastandu1165946wrote a review of on February 20, 2012

5 5

I love this ski, it is super fun in all conditions. I'm an ex-racer, 5'11', 170, and ski the 190. On groomer days this thing can rail turns at speed on even the eastern hardpack. I skied 3 days of 2+ feet of Colorado pow on them and while a more devoted powder ski would float better, the rocker in these still allows them to stay on top. I would choose a different ski for a bottomless day, but I don't get enough of those anyways. Where this ski really shines is its stiffness. Mounted right on the recommended line these feel balanced and powerful, but somehow they are still quite playful and poppy. You can arc turns through crud without feeling the bumps, drop cliffs onto hardpack and straightline sketchy exits with the confidence that your skis will rage through whatever's down there. This ski is also surprisingly light and agile for its size. Once you get used to it (took me a couple days) it does great in soft moguls and tight trees or rocks. The boys at Moment do a great job putting it together in Reno, the bases and edges can take a beating. Ski looks great top and bottom and it's going to keep my happy for years to come. Thanks, Moment!





m_mastandu1165946wrote a review of on August 2, 2011

3 5

The good: I've climbed on this rope for a season and a half now doing almost entirely single pitch sport climbs. It's seen a lot of whippers and abrasive rock with little or no wear. This rope is amazingly durable!

The bad: It was quite stiff when I bought it and hasn't really broken in, either. Even with diligent rope management and a clean rope bag this thing picks up dirt like crazy. I've washed it three times (once at the end of the first season and twice back to back a few weeks ago) and still haven't managed to get it past a honey mustard color to it's original french's yellow. It is also very abrasive on my hands and gear when lowering or clipping - probably the dirt that won't come out of it.

Bottom Line: I wouldn't buy this rope again. It's got all the specs of a great rope but the way it handles is a deal-breaker. Friends agree.




m_mastandu1165946wrote a review of on October 5, 2009

2 5

I returned this jacket after one summer of heavy use and a little more. During the winter I skiied in a few times, and was always kept warm and dry no matter how hard it was snowing in CO or how cold it was. Kept me very dry for a couple long weekend backpacking trips in the rockies and breathed well. I spent my summer guiding backcountry trips in WY and AK for 3 months and carried this jacket everywhere. After returning from AK, it was no longer waterproof even a little bit. I returned it saying that for the price, the life should longer than a year regardless of how I treated it. Other Gore-Tex jackets that I've owned outlasted it for much cheaper prices.

Bottom line: if this one wasn't a lemon, I would avoid it and get a different shell.