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Jonathan L.

Jonathan L.

Jonathan L.

Jonathan L.wrote a review of on August 7, 2008

4 5

okay, these gloves are actually pretty darn good.
The palm leather is thick and soft, yet I can feel the wind cool my hands down when I'm going downhill.
The top carbon nuckle protector is just amazing. The other day I had a minor crash, but my bike smashed against my hand...didn't feel it!
The only thing that I wish they would change on the glove is the velcro. On oakley's Pilot 2.0 gloves, which I also have, they have a 2 velcro band, which sets the glove on your hand perfectly, no matter what this thing will never become lose. Nevertheless, on the Factory pilot, they put a little velcro band, tiny! WTF!?!, and the secure feel on the single velcro band is marginal.
Because I need to feel my gloves are completely secure, I will give it 4 stars, but comfort, protection, materials, and looks are all 5's!!!

have a good time!