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leanoray@yahoo.comwrote a review of on March 19, 2011

5 5

69" tall. 41 inch chest. 30 'inch waist. 16 neck.
I wear a medium. Fits like the suits I bought in Hong Kong. Build is excellent. Chestnut color is really cool. Sets you apart, but not like an astronaut. You can wear it to work, or the coffee shop, or out on your adventures. I wanted dark navy but it was out of stock. Glad I got the brown.

This jacket is sort of shiny. Depends on the lighting. But it does not have the saran wrap look.

You will not wear this jacket to repair your car, or to a business meeting with a client. But for everything else it is wonderful.

This jacket, IF you are athletic build, IS the ultralight jacket to own.

The patagonia nan puff jacket is blocky just below the chest. Might as well try to carry a child with that thing or pack some very big heat, like a sawed off shotgun.

In the 30's I wear it with a thin smartwool underlayer. After a cold winter surf in Ventura it is easy to pull on and warms me up right away. Forget about putting anything heavy underneath it. This is either an outlayer on somewhat cold days, or a top layer in the mid 30's. It is windproof. I felt no leakage.

It is delicate, so be careful where you drag your elbows. I am 36" in the hips and this jacket hugs.

One more time. If you are a fit person, this jacket is THE ONE. As my mama said, clothes that FIT almost always look good.

For those who insist on zip pockets, there is no way you can put anything of any mass in the pockets of any ultralight jacket. It will feel like a brick in your back pocket.

Buy it, and if you do not like it, then I will buy a used medium from you. Make it dark navy.




leanoray@yahoo.comwrote a review of on August 14, 2006

5 5

These briefs work. They hold no odor, dry quickly, and work quite well as an impromptu swimsuit. They dry with a towel. Without a very close examination, they look just like a black Speedo.
I surf a lot, and have to do towel changes at the beach which are a real nuisance. With these briefs on, I can quickly pull on my wettie without wrestling with a towel.
The brief does not lose its shape in water. Afterwards, I pull off my wettie and towel dry the brief, pull on my shorts and I am done.
Public showers are no problem either. I just wear the brief in the shower and maintain a level of privacy I desire. Then I just towel them off again and they are dry.
I also have Patagonia's Capilene brief and they are in every way an inferior product. They do not hold their shape when wet, they do not dry quickly or towel dry, they look like a brief, and they do not ride low. And they cost more.
One suggestion: Buy one size smaller than you normally wear and only buy black.