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Lawrence D.

Lawrence D.

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Lawrence D.

Lawrence D.wrote a review of on January 13, 2009

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God bless Never Summer! GREAT company. Three year warranty testifies to the quality of their product. The SL R with the reverse camber/camber tech is rock frickin' solid. "All mountain freestyle" is exactly it. I come from a surfing/skateboarding background and I am so impressed with what this one board can do. It's almost a quiver in itself. It is LIVELY..... And because of that liveliness I will still use my regularly cambered 161 for motoring and laying it down on hardpack. Not that the SL R couldn't do it, it's just "lively"...BUT! That rocker, etc. is (and I'm not one for hyperbole)-AMAZING for everything else. It's ridiculous how good it is in powder. I'm 6', 185 lbs., riding the 158 and there's nothing it can't do. The board does NOT bury. Leaning back is a MEMORY. It has plenty of pop and I'm scared to think about what it makes me want to try. I never thought I'd be able to ride this short of a board, let alone have it perform better in the powder than ANY of my longer boards from before. And getting rid of the extra length lets you just rip it around so easily. Snowboarding just became even better. Get on a Never Summer! -LD