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White Mountains, New England

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lbenewrote a review of on April 7, 2013

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OK- cheesy- but it really is. I converted to the TLT-5s last year and loved them. However- they weren't quite as stiff as I would have liked for some skiing out here in the east. These boots dial it pretty much just right- they have %80 of the touring ability as the TLT-5s with I'd say 30-40% more stiffness.

I still use the TLT-5s for pretending I'm a lycra clad rando racer but for the rest of the time I use these boots and find that they allow me to do more on the downhill. They also have never given me blisters. I've had problems with BD boots in the past that were properly sized and molded but still gave blisters if they weren't tightened in touring mode. I just did some long days with these boots into the 10th mtn huts and my feet were the one of the only ones in the group that didn't look like they'd been through a pencil grinder.

My only complaint is that they are actually surprisingly cold. I find my TLT-5s are warmer (strange- I know) but I have warm feet so this isn't a deal breaker.

I use them on 176 BD Drifts and 176 BD Stigmas with Dynafit TLT Radicals and Dynafit TLT Speed Radicals. I've got average feet, 27.5, and weigh 165 at 5'11''. I'd say an advanced skier but not a cliff hucker.

+: Stiff, comfy on long tours, amazing touring mode, love the soles for hiking around the hard granite of the White Mountains
-: Strangely seem a little cold, wish there was a little more rocker in the forefoot for walking (though understand this would make them not compatible with Fritschis so I guess worth it).





lbenewrote a review of on February 1, 2012

5 5

These skis have performed amazingly for me- whether it's on the icy headwall of tucks or surfing some fine west coast powder. Granted- they won't float your boat for a pow day in the Wasatch but for the rest of us I'm about as happy as I could be with this ski. Most of the time here on the east coast (white mountains to be specific) we're skiing some small clearing or more often a summer hiking trail. These skis are perfect here- they slice, dice, and provide snappy feedback when you need to avoid that tree trunk you didn't see until almost too late. Yet when it comes to the bigger stuff- a la Mt. Washington and the surrounding ravines- they are more than able to put a smile on your face. I skied a pair of kilowatts before this and they just felt too sloppy. This ski has snap and strength that belies it's smaller size (I'm skiing the 168s) and width. You can go down an icy left gully which would have me quaking in my dynafits on a softer ski yet still enjoy the powder when it falls. Not to mention- I've done plenty of fun resort laps on these skis and they've served just fine with their tight sidecut allowing me to carve turns my ex-skiracer self would not be ashamed of.