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Adam H.

Adam H.

Adam H.

Adam H.wrote a review of on February 18, 2012

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OK lets start of with the toe strap. Everyone that complains about the toe strap is an idiot. Put your boots on and adjust the straps b4 u leave ur house 4 the mtn. The toe strap HAS to be centered over the toe of the boot if you are going around the toe.
Go a size small if you ride old school boots like Airwalks or really crank the straps tight. I wear size 13 Airwalks and have the XL bindings set as small as i can except the heel cup.
I crank the straps as tight as they will go and getting out was easy EVERY time.
By the way this is my 1st pair of Unions and I have had everything from Clickers to LTD. If you like the looks buy them they are great!!