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Karen R.

Karen R.wrote a review of on February 8, 2012

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I bought these gloves based on a friend's recommendation, however, his recommendation was based on an old pair. So I must warn you that they do not fit like they used to!! Ive return them and found an earlier 2009 style to use instead. But im still on the lookout for a better pair.

THE SIZING IS OFF FOR THE 2011 STYLE!! if the sizing chart says you wear a small, then you'll probably need a medium. Even so, the older styles still have a overall better fit. Im guess someone in their design department messed up pretty bad.

You can move your fingers around nicely, however, their is a lot of play in the finger tips getting in the way off everything. This is especially problematic when clipping and unclipping biners, the ends of my fingertips will get pinched in the biner. If you have long or wide fingers, then maybe this wont be as much of a problem for you.

Other than that, they are warm, dry and have good protection. But what good is that when they have you cursing at the belay because you cant work your gear very well.