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kristin_ka691740wrote a review of on March 24, 2010

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If you are looking for a jacket that is comfortable enough to wear in a cold office (etc), but warm enough to wear aout on chilly days... this is it!

I really like the 'slim' fit... it is plenty roomy, but flattering. I got a M, (I'm 5'-5", 120-125lbs), and it looks slim, and i can layer a vest under or wear a suit jacket underneath.

It is windproof... really.

My only slight dissapointments are that the inside is a different finish (not fuzzy like the outside), so it is a little stiffer than some other fleece jackets, and is more comfortable with a long-sleeve or sweater underneath. Also, the different matierial along the sides and underarms makes a 'woosh' sound... but it seems that this matierial is there because the fuzzy could ball up... so I guess it is justified.

Overall it is a great jacket. Comfy for cold-weather, and you can layer UNDER it- unlike many other fleeces. I take it to work with me everyday to wear in the office in case I am cold, and to wear when I go out in the field in the cold fog and icky winter weather.... it is great for both!