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Kayleigh BC

Kayleigh BC

Park City, Utah

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Cabin dwelling in the Wasatch Mountains

Kayleigh BC

Kayleigh BCwrote a review of on November 15, 2017

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Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I’m shocked to read that anyone could give these boots anything more than one star. Thinking back to when I bought these boots two years ago I thought maybe they were a defective pair because I couldn’t believe how poorly they preformed in all conditions. Sorel wouldn’t do anything about it because I had already worn them so I’m taking the time to review to save you all the disappoint!
Seriously these boots just live in the back of my closet after only 3 times wearing them.
But truely the only place these boots belong are in the trash.
I’ve tried giving these boots a fair chance but they disappoint every time. No matter the thickness or material of sock (wool, wool blend, thick or thin) my feet do not stay warm in them. Even on dry dirt, in 45 degrees my feet were cold. Factor in any amount of moisture and you feel like your standing in a swamp.
I guess that’s not that surprising since they are made of cheap non waterproof suede material with almost no insulation to speak of. The tread is not verh grippy and you will slip and slide all over the place.
The inner heel area tore in both boots in under 5 hours of wear. Super hard to take off now because my heel gets caught up in the ripped lining. And behind that lining is the thinnest material with plastic that pokes my heels until they blister so basically unwearable after only 3 times on my feet!!
Save yourself the money and annoyance and check out a different sorel boot, a model that is tried and true. Or better yet, get yourself some muck boots and never look back!




Kayleigh BC

Kayleigh BCwrote a question about on December 4, 2011

I'm looking for an all mountain board that can really handle the backcountry demands such as being light enough to hike backcountry with, the ability to make quick turns through trees and having no trouble floating on the powder. Having a real tough time making a decision but need to make one soon! Would this be a good choice of board or is there better options? About to be riding at Jay Peak in VT if that helps.. thanks!!



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