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kim_svwrote a review of on February 3, 2011

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I've skied these for 1,5 season on a pair of Kilowatts in the Swedish/Norwegian mountains. Love the feeling of the binding while skiing and the tour mode is outstanding compared to my old G3 Targa.

That could have made it "The Ultimate Binding" if it weren't for the fact that it keeps breaking down.

After one (!) season they behaved like this: (These are my actual skis)

I did a reclaim with Black Diamond Europe this fall and got a new pair for free. Good work, great policy's with world wide guarantees since they were bought in USA.

Mounted the new binding 3 weeks ago and have now skied them for 10 days. Thought the problem should be solved on the new pair, but no. Same issue with these. It's not as bad as the first ones but clearly on the way.

I haven't done any "extreme" skiing with these. Just normal all-mountain resort skiing and some touring.

Now I'm waiting for BD's response on this issue, but I doubt that I'll be using this generation O1 ever again.

Conclution: Don't buy these if you're planning on actually using them. If you like the feel in the binding, buy a pair of BD O2. Need a free-pivot binding, buy the Axl or Switchback.