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Kellie B.

Kellie B.

Kellie B.

Kellie B.wrote a review of on January 23, 2012

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I Love Acorn slippers and have worn them for many years. Unfortunately the Mikka slipper that a bought I had to return 2 pairs because of the quality / workmanship.
At the corners of each slipper where the top and sides meet the stitching comes apart and the leather rips about an 1 /12 inches. The stitches are too close together and there isn't enough strength on the leather. I don't think they were small as I wear a 61/2 and I always buy a 7 in this brand. I do have a high arch so maybe the style isn't for me and that is the problem. They didn't seem tight so not sure why they did this. I am just going with another style.
I thought the rest of the slipper was great. They just fall off after the stitching comes loose and can't wear them!