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kcr4fletch@netscape.netwrote a review of on January 4, 2005

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Overall, with regard to performance, the split kit works well with my Burton BMC 166 (better than the Voile boards) and although I am proud of the job that I did, I think that the value is not comparable to buying a factory-assembled setup (i.e., when you add up the cost of the split kit, the extra labor & parts cost at the ski shop, the time spent assembling the kit, and the cost of the board.)

The instructions are very, very poorly written (e.g., what size countersink bit should be used?), several parts were missing or didn't match the instructions, the T-nuts are very poor quality, and the wood screws for the mounting plates are too short. I had to pay $40 to have the board split and to replace the crappy T-nuts with P-tex covered T-nuts and have heli-coils inserted to hold the too short screws. I never did receive the longer screws from Voile as promised. Although I was given a $10 discount for all my troubles, I spent much more buying different size bits and having the better T-nuts and wood screws/heli-coils installed.