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kate c.w.

kate c.w.

kate c.w.

kate c.w.wrote a review of on September 3, 2009

5 5

This bag is excellent. I was really thorough in researching laptop backpacks currently on the market, both online and in local stores. (I'm in Arkansas, so we have quite a few camping gear retailers.)

This bag stood out as having the most padding, the best system of organization (for me at least -- I like the space broken up into pockets and different large compartments) and frankly, it looks really cool!

However, its appearance isn't why I chose to buy this one. It was the laptop padding. This bag has the most amount of padding for the computer compartment out of any North Face or other brand of bag I looked at in person. Trust me -- I dug through a bunch of them.

This bag is pretty large, but not too large for me to feel comfortable carrying. I'm 5'3 and female. I do have a long torso, so I like how the waist band hits me at the hips rather than at my natural waist. I did try this bag on in a store before ordering from this website it in the color I wanted (not available in the stores I visited).