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k-rosen1095287wrote a review of on February 10, 2009

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I like this biner for belaying and rappeling. I just wish it was keylock. The gate action could be better, but overall pretty good.

The anodized finish wore off pretty quick compared to my buddies Petzl Attache that he got at the same time as I got my Picto. Spend the extra dollar for the Attache and get a keylock biner.

Also I am not really sure why backcountry talks negatively about the product they are trying to sell. I guess they want to make it harder to sell biners.

"OK, so your emergency munter hitch won't feed quite as nicely on the Picto Locking Carabiner as it would on some model twice the size, but how many times have you actually used a munter hitch? "

Some people actually use the munter hitch.
Who the hell writes this stuff?