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Julia H.

Julia H.

Julia H.

Julia H.wrote a review of on April 13, 2009

3 5

A good boot, which I first tried as a demo pair, then purchased later. Initially soft and unresponsive, until I cranked up the stiffness settings and got the canting changed around. I kinda wish they had more forward lean, which would suit my skiing style more, but they're fine for recreational purposes, and intermediate/advanced all purpose skiing.

The only minor issue is that the seal around the toes isn't perfectly watertight, so snow gets trapped then melts, making my toes a little damp. Not a problem on warmer days (i.e. anything above -10 degress centigrade), but on the truly cold days, it make things chilly. Boot warmer packs have helped overcome this issue.

Backcountry wanted nothing to do with me, when I asked for their help to sort the issue and told me to speak to Nordica. Nordica then told me that all repairs have to be issued by the retailer, so I should speak to backcountry. They then said that if the retailer couldn't arrange the repair, I would then have to get it done myself for a price, which would also void the warranty.

The product is great, follow up care is absolutely useless from both Backcountry and Nordica. Mixed feelings about purchasing again.