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Julie C.

Julie C.wrote a question about on March 31, 2012

Why? WHY don't these come in XL? I'm not out of shape, not a giant fat chick, just very tall and therefore proportionally larger. I am so tired of having to wear men's stuff because manufacturers don't think tall women exist...especially in underwear, for crying out loud. MERINO UNDIES FOR TALL GIRLS!!! <---feeling better after my rant. But seriously, Ibex, and other manufacturers: only up to a size L in women's when the men get up to XXL? Seriously?



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Julie C.

Julie C.wrote a review of on February 1, 2010

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Wow, this lighter takes a beating and never fails. It went on two very windy 3-week kayaking trips where, despite being doused with saltwater over and over because of my own forgetfulness in putting it in a safer place, always started like an absolute charm. It just spent the weekend winter camping in the Cascades with us and again performed perfectly. So glad to see has these back in stock; gonna order a couple more! Two thumbs up!



Julie C.

Julie C.wrote a review of on December 18, 2009

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I bought this watch primarily for backpacking in the mountains, and it worked GREAT. The reported altitude was usually pretty close - VERY close considering it's a barometer-based altimeter. Unfortunately though this watch went to the Great Altimeter Watch Place In The Sky when it went kayaking in the Bahamas with me in November - although it's supposed to be waterproof to 50m, it fogged up, filled with water and ultimately died about halfway into the trip even though it was never submerged more than a few inches while paddling. I was totally bummed, but I may try another one because I'm a woman and I don't have big manly wrists, and as far as I know it's the only altimeter watch out there that isn't so big it has its own zip code.