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judithtestswrote a review of on July 28, 2019

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I must have read 1000 reviews before choosing this tent...the first one I've ever owned. Everyone loved this tent. The selling points were: 1) it stays dry and 2) provides lots of ventilation.
5 stars on the first count. It rained some every day of the week I used it, including 5" one afternoon with high winds. Dry as can be...until you unzip the fly to go in or out. Then water pours into the tent. This is where the "great ventilation" feature falls apart. There is only mesh above the bathtub floor. No privacy/rain doors to zip over the mesh. Even with the fly zipped down below the top of the solid fabric rain still blew in. I am usually away from the tent all day. I'd leave the fly open for some of that advertised ventilation. But if it rained while I was away the tent got a lot of water in it through the mesh doors. An improvement would be adding weatherproof privacy doors behind the screen doors,
Another downside is the lack of ventilation when the fly is closed, which it kinda has to be for privacy. The two small vents in the fly seem entirely inadequate. Although the rain stayed out, bedding was totally damp after a few hours in the rainproof tent.