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James O.

James O.

James O.

James O.wrote a review of on October 5, 2010

5 5

Bought this beanie and just received in the mail today and I'm totally impressed and 100% satisfied with this purchase. As many have said before, it's unbelievable soft to the touch and wearing it almost feels like a pillow on your head but that doesn't mean it wont keep your head warm, it's probably the warmest beanie I have ever own and WAY as well as the most comfortable. I was worried when buying this beanie that it would be to big or wouldn't fit right but it flushed away any fears of that when I first put it on, it about the perfect size for anyone's head not to big, not to small and it seems to kinda form to your head shape rather then just stretch out which for me goes a long way because I hate beanies that stretch when you wear them for a few hours and when you take it off and put it back on it's like a totally different size beanie. If you're looking for a beanie that does it all this season, look no further.

Great beanie, glad I purchased it, well worth the price.