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j.s2816799wrote a review of on July 7, 2009

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So I'm kinda tall and slim, thought these would be perfect. I should've taken the no inseam measurement as a red flag. These jeans made me look like huck finn. They stopped a couple inches short of my ankles and were pretty slim. They also have this amazing ability to be baggy in the waist/butt and still grip your nuts and legs all the way down. Didn't like the fit or the feel. I returned.




j.s2816799wrote a review of on February 25, 2009

5 5

Bought them with my first board years ago- I've changed boards a couple times and boots. I've picked up new bindings too but I still put these babies one when I want a great hassle-free day. Enough flex for a couple runs through the park, but they're not butterballs. They handle the mountain like a champ- nice highbacks and toe strap give solid control. Never jittery, solid yet nice and light. Rachets stay loose and functional in any weather and never slip. The highback can get a little beat up by the lift if you don't push it down, but considering how much time I've put on mine a little fraying on the back is understandable. They've held up like a champ. Great all round binding.