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Jeffrey R.

Jeffrey R.

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Jeffrey R.

Jeffrey R.wrote a review of on January 22, 2011

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I'm an American living in Germany supporting the US Military and I'm an experienced (average) snowboarder since 1995. I was really happy with the quick dial up and the fit and feel of the Maysis, when I tried them on in a local boardshop. I purchased them from Backcountry because you just can't beat the pricing- the dollar to euro exchange rate sucks.
Last weekend, I got to use these boots for the first time when I went with a local ski club to Groden / Dolomites in Italy. Day one, the boots worked great. Easy on, easy off, good comfort, and the gears/dials held the tension in the wire lacing for most of the day. Problems started at the end of the second day of the trip when the dial on the left boot broke off as I caught it on a step exiting the ski bus. My pants were covering the dial and I really didn't hit the steps all that hard for the dial to break off- I was quite surprised and was left with no good options other than to try boarding the next day with half the boot integrity gone. Unfortunately, the next morning, the dial on the right boot broke off on the bus steps as I exited to hit the slopes (again, it didn't take much for this to happen- I'm not "rough" with my gear.) Day three, the front dial worked to keep the wire laces taught on both boots- So, I did board. However, the dial works to keep the tension in the wire laces locked. With one dial gone on each boot, half the strength of the locks was gone... the wires required constant adjustment as they loosened throughout the day. Additionally, I had no confidence the mechanisms would hold... boot blow out was a constant fear on day three (Ever have your front foot fly out of the bindings while going down a slope using your Clickers?).
Needless to say, I will be returning these boots immediately. The ease with which the dials broke off tells me these are just to gimmicky and weak (the gearing inside is plastic- not enough R&D done on the design?), a real shame considering the cost incurred. This will also be the last time I purchase anything K2 other than the board itself (I really hate the K2 autoever bindings I purchased at the end of last season- My Flow NST bindings are much easier to set up and use and they've given me no problems).