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jor110772151wrote a review of on May 28, 2019

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Familiarity: I've used it several times

All the excellent reviews had me pumped for this helmet. The good: colors and graphic design are great!

The not so good: I was looking froward to getting a sort of enduro helmet with a little extra coverage but I find that this sits really high on my head. For example the gap between my ears and the bottom of helmet is the same size as that of my 7 year old 15$ specialized helmet with that really cross country look. First, this leaves gaps that, though perhaps irrational, make me less confident and second, doesn't look as cool (if you pick a helmet that has 'designs' in the name it has to look cool) It also doesn't go as low as I'd like on the back of my head. I find that it isn't all that comfortable around the top of my head toward the back (you know the kinda flat spot where some men start to bald) it just feels a little spacy there.

I tried on a Giro (after I bought this) and found that it sat lower all round (ears and back of head) thus providing more protection and it also just felt better including the top/back of head area which just a hug.

I have dirtied it up a bit and so I'll stick with it. I'm sure it'll save me if needed, just a little disappointed with the look, coverage, and comfort after spending what this thing costs.