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Jonathan L.

Jonathan L.

Jonathan L.

Jonathan L.wrote a review of on July 12, 2012

5 5

took this down to Chile and camped in the snow up in the Andes. pretty easy to set up and keeps a little bit of heat inside. we slept over night in 10 degree weather and had no complaints with the tent. a few days earlier we camped and woke up to rain and although the bottom/lower parts were dry, the ceiling was dripping water. we forgot to open the vents at night so it was probably due to condensation.

other than the condensation issue, the tent is perfect for 2 people. pretty light weight as far as 4 season tents go, and although we had fairly mild weather, i can tell that this thing would be a beast in windy/stormy conditions.




Jonathan L.

Jonathan L.wrote a question about on July 21, 2009

I owned a pair of Chaco z/2 sandals and I loved them. I am now in the market for another pair (because they were stolen!). I was wondering if the z/1s are as comfortable. I found that the z/2s were great in the water because the big toe loop helped keep them secure. But z/1s allow the option of wearing socks as well.
Any thoughts or suggestions on how these models compare? Do the z/1s still stay snug on your feet?