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John H.

John H.

John H.

John H.wrote a review of on March 19, 2013

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I use the HBC220 for skiing mainly for the telephone connections and somethimes for the music and it really works well.
Note 1: the HBC 120 is not rated for temperatures below 14 degrees F. so get the HBC 220 which is rated to 40 below zero F.
Installation is easy; you just remove the circular foam cut-outs from your helmet ear pads and insert the UClear speakers. The directional microphones are part of those same speakers.
The noise canceling algorithms adthe microphone dynmics are what set the UClear apart. It's Bluetooth of course, and when a call is announced (you hear your ring tone in the speakers), you just say "pick up" or "hello" and the two microphones, which are pointing to a sweet spot just ahead of your face, pick up your voice. Your correspondent doesn't even know you are using the device.
And forget the wind or any other ambient sound; it's filtered out. I can be skiing down a trail, even against the wind and the person with whom I'm speaking will hear me clearly.
There are three buttons to control things and you can also push the big one to answer an incoming call. If you push the big one and the lower one together, a bing sounds which means that Siri is being summoned. Tell Siri what you want: "Call my wife", "Call 406-xxx", "Read my Text", "Read my email", etc. and she does it.
Note 2: Handling the buttons with gloves is unsure; the physical buttons are under a protective skin and without bare hand dexterity, it's hard to feel where you are. I have glued round topped buttons right over the UClear ones so I can feel them easily with gloved fingers.
I tell you, it really works.