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Johannes S.

Johannes S.

Johannes S.

Johannes S.wrote a review of on January 20, 2010

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the boots are great. they were warm and comfortable all day and kept my feet dry and safe. they were a little too warm in fact when i was riding the shuttle bus so i opened them for transits. thanks to the great lacing system that was easy as cake.
the cushioning is phenomenal and the grip sets standards so long park days are no problem.

i would say they take a lot of punishment but it also takes its toll on them. they are not indestructible and i got some nasty scratches on them, the tongue ripped out of its stitching at the base and the laces show some wear and tear. its not bad so i guess it will be a few years until new laces need to be put in.

overall i can say they are the best boots i have ever had. they are also very small so they fit in smaller bindings, unlike the new vans or burtons. doesn't mean you have to get a bigger size, they come in right at your normal sport shoe size, just that they have less of the bulk.

if you ask me if you should get them? definitely yes!