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John P.

John P.

John P.

John P.wrote a review of on April 8, 2009

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I bought these and was really happy with their quality and waterproofness.

However, I snowboard and only after 20 days up this season, the back parts of my legs where the legs meet my high backs of my binding have worn away to the point of a hole developing. I have since had to slide the legs around 90 degrees in order to have the kevlar part reside where it meets my high back. So for future snowboard users, please move your legs around 90 degrees so they won't ware away. A trick I use is to clip the bottom of the legs (there's holes for gators) to my boot lace so it sits there nicely and won't slide back to normal. The kevlar should last much longer. Wished I thought of that first. Otherwise bomber pants!!!