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JariLee Galvin G.

JariLee Galvin G.

JariLee Galvin G.

JariLee Galvin G.wrote a review of on March 10, 2013

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I am 5'6 150 and all my clothing is small adult so when i ordered this i ordered the small. I was so excited when it got here. It was rugged durable and it had all the padding I was so excited to hit the slopes.

Then i put it on. :(

This small i found the shoulder pads in the middle of my upper arms and the elbows almost to my wrist. It was what I expected around my mid section but it just wont work. so it has sat here on the table at the house.
The suggestion try a kids size. None available.
They make an extra small but it is not carried. If you could get one to fit i am sure it would be great seems like a well made product.