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James Michael B.

James Michael B.

James Michael B.

James Michael B.wrote a review of on March 9, 2012

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I have had great success with these boots over 3 Winters and am very pleased. They privide good traction, are warm, and are comfortable enough to wear all day and night. I even wear them for travel so that I don't have to pack them. (They are easy on/easy off.) After hearing my positive raving, my wife got a pair last Winter and she loves them.

There was a reviewer who said that that the uppers failed on their Chilkats and TNF said "too bad, so sad", I find that hard to believe, not that they may have failed (which would be very unusual), but that TNF did not stand behind their product. TNF products are guaranteed for life and they have always replaced products immediately, for me, upon a very rare product failure.

Lastly, buy 1/2 size up.