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jke2519586-0wrote a review of on October 31, 2008

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Lets just say that there isn't a more comfortable high peformance climbing shoe on the market! I've used these from Smith Rocks to Joshua Tree, index, Squamish, and beyond, and they crank!!!

The faceted edge technology absolutly cahnged my options while doing tecnical edging...outside edging has never been more stable, and i can really get more rubber on edges, maximizing friction and control. I feel solid stiffness under all my toes for support on the tiniest of edges, yet sensitivity behind the toes for smears, and nubbin pullin'. The front edge and toe point, balance edges, and penetrate pockets very well.

About the uppers,hands down the most comfy i've ever had on my feet! as soft or softer than leather without the stretch out. The heel tension is snug,the lacing system works well for cranking down the shoe, and they're holding up exceedingly well.

I've been a fan of the onyxx rubber since it first came out, and they're really is no better value in rubber...far and away the highest friction, with amazing durability!

keep it up Five Ten! another great shoe, focused on tech to improve your climbing, and comfort to keep it fun!