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Jason H.

Jason H.

Jason H.

Jason H.wrote a review of on April 16, 2011

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I am totally sad to say that this was my dream team helmet, and when I got it I was totally stoked.

Then the grommet in the helmet where the visor screws into had glue in the threads from the manufacturing ,and that spun and stripped it out in the Carbon, and it took 20 minutes to pin it and get the Visor off, then it wouldn't go back on. I called up Back Country and they rock, they sent me a brand new one overnighted and a return label,


Then I got the new one, was sweet, took it up to the mountain, rode it for 3 hours and put it back in the bag and put my old Giro with no face guard on.

YOU SEE, when you breath!!! out your breath hits the mouth guard and sends all the Fog straight onto the front of you goggle lenses and you can't see a thing and the world goes grey and blank for 15 seconds, every time you are stopped or going slow.

I was on a 20 foot cornice, ready to drop, and breathed out and lost site of the world, almost fell of, I waited, breathed down against my neck, and then held my breath and dropped clean. Unless you are doing about 15mph plus or breathing with your lips pursed down this helmet will cause your vision to be ruined by fogging your goggles.

Get a Boeri with a mouth guard bar on it and call it good if you need a full face helmet.

The other thing, is this bad boy is big and a little too warm when you get heated up and has no controllable open or close for venting.