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James Hedges

James Hedges


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James Hedges

James Hedgeswrote a review of on September 22, 2008

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I haven't climbed in them yet. But as far as I can tell they're very comfortable. They have pretty stiff soles. It seems like they're easy on and off. I have the impression that they won't get as funky as other Five Ten stuff (like VCS). Also, they are very small for their size. All of my street shoes are 9.5. After talking to people at Five Ten and seeing them at a shop I got a 9.5. Thing is the 9.5s were significantly shorter than the physical length of my foot. I returned and exchanged, got a 10.5. These are still about the same length (maybe slightly less than) my shortest 9.5 street shoes. At 10.5, though, I don't think there will be any pain. I get it that different shoes have different lasts, are different shapes, and will be different lengths. But I don't understand why they made them this small, which is to say they made them diverege this much from regular street shoe sizing. It's as if they're trying to compound the shrunken (and painful) sizing that some climbers prefer.