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j.g4496289wrote a review of on March 9, 2011

5 5

Just took this thing to Berlin where It was pretty fricken cold compared to my home town San Diego, but even while in the snow this thing was super toasty! Love the hemp fur stuff on the inside, as soft as a baby kitten haha!

All the pockets are super clutch! Was holding my phone, some gloves, snacks, phone charger, HD mini cam, scarf, and beanie all in the Jacket while cruising around.

The only thing that ever got to me this trip, was the removable hood. In some cases, you might not want the hood, in which its very easy to remove. But sometimes when I was just wearing the jacket and I would put both hands in the side pockets which would pull alittle down on the jacket, one of the buttons attaching the hoodie would come undone. Now I realize its because I got a small and its kind of a tight fit, but it doesnt really feel like it~

So all in all I'd definately recommend the jacket to anyone who wants to be warm and snuggle... and also possibly roll a joint whilst in said snuggness. The hood thing wasnt really that big of a deal, I just noticed myself pulling the buttons out alot just because I could haha.