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R Jeff J.

R Jeff J.

R Jeff J.

R Jeff J.wrote a review of on January 10, 2013

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First of all, they look beautiful, both aesthetically and mechanically. The way they open and close is brilliantly engineered. Lots of function, few moving parts. I loved them the minute I took them out of the box.

That love faded a little once I took them to the slopes. Although I could get my size 10 Thirty-Two Forecast boot in and out of the bindings at home with ease, on the slopes, all of a sudden, the boot seemed too large. The bindings are a size Large, so a size 10 boot should've fit perfectly, but it doesn't. It fits very, VERY snugly, to the point where it's more difficult to insert than I think it should be. Of course, loosening the top strap makes this easier, but only if you loosen that to the point of being too loose for adequate control. So I guess what I'm saying is, while it's great that the strap raises up, it doesn't raise up enough, and in practice, these aren't much easier to get in and out of than any other Flow binding.

Second issue, and this is a big one! I've been riding for 8 years now, and I've never understood why snowboard leashes exist. I know some resorts even require them, but I've still never known why. I mean, when is a snowboard ever, EVER, going to fall off? I'll tell you when. When you're wearing these bindings! I fell on my back and wound up sliding down the hill, upside down, head towards the lodge, back on the snow, base of my board facing the summit, and as the bindings were dragged like this, the releases caught, flipped down, and let go of my boots - both of them - thus jettisoning my board down the hill like an unguided missile. Luck is all that steered it into a tree instead of another person.

So, now I have a leash. It was either that or return these bindings, which frankly, I wasn't sure dogfunk would even allow. I didn't actually ask, FWIW, I just figured, they're great otherwise - they're very stiff, very lightweight, very comfortable, absolutely wonderful when you're actually riding - that I'll still keep them. In the end, my complaints about entering/exiting being less than ideal, and needing a leash for the first time in my life, aren't actually deal breakers.

I should really repeat that, yes, once you're riding, they're fantastic. They offer extremely responsive control, and do a fantastic job reducing the vibration of fresh corduroy. All in all, they're great, but not perfect.