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Justin C.

Justin C.

Justin C.

Justin C.wrote a review of on December 5, 2010

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Just wanted to post my experience with the Union Force Bindings. After reading several reviews I decided to pick up a pair after hearing that they had improved on the toe straps from last year. I rode these for the first time with a pair for Salomon F22 boots this weekend and I have to say I was quite disappointed. I got the bindings all adjusted to fit the boots, but when I got to the mountain and started riding the toe strap constantly shifted upwards and became loose. The ankle straps also constantly came loose. Every time I got to the bottom of the mountain I had to re-tighten the straps. I didn't have these problems with any of the other setups I have done for myself or others, but I am also by no means an expert.

Also the paint was peeling off right out of the box.

I am not saying that these bindings are bad, but my experience with them was bad.