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Jim B.

Jim B.wrote a review of on May 18, 2010

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I've read several complaints about flow. After a few trips, with a little experimentation beforehand, the solution in the field is not necessarily to empty bag and clean filter. I notice the biggest culprit to be air bubbles. The solution here is to suck on the hose as if you were siphoning gas. The flow increases and you stick the hose back into container. You can also be a little more careful when you scoop the water and try to avoid debris. Six of us have used this product and are verry pleased with not pumping. Fill it when you hit camp, hang it, forget it. Go set up camp and by the time you're done you have plenty of clean water. During that time, check the flow and fix it (see above). No one has been sick yet and I put everything into bleach water after trip. Rinse it, dry it and you're good to go. I easily recommend this to friends. I also carry a strap to use for a hanger if a good tree hook is not available. Wrap the starp around a tree and hang the bag,