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Brendan O.

Brendan O.

Brendan O.

Brendan O.wrote a review of on November 4, 2012

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I've had a few pairs of these, last years i loved the bases but i'd chew threw ladder straps every day, sometimes just buckling up loosely in the lift line they would chew.( the previous pair would last a few weeks, then need to be replaced). I contacted ride and they said they have never heard of this problem before.

well long story short, i exchanged emails with them all winter. they questioned my snowboard knowledge constantly( riding 24 years), asking if i knew how to downsize my boot( 14s riding in 12s). they sent me a bunch of replacement parts and finally admitted that i wasn't the only one having the problem. But just throwing inferior parts at it did not resolve the problem. I felt the ankle strap was too long, asked for a shorter one, said i was wrong.
went union, never looked back, never had an issue. what do you know the union straps lock in super tight, no chewing straps, and are shorter?!?!?!