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jagowrote a review of on March 30, 2012

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Everywhere this board is for sale ppl say its a powderboard....this scares people away who dont find the time to search the internet for reviews and forum topics.

Think this is one of few true all mountain boards.
its good on groomers/ice/hardpacks/cruds/molugs/slush and yes Powder. (like jeremy jones said; in the backcountry u dont only have powder u got all snowconditions...and that what this board can handle)

you dont want to buy this board if u go in the park or wanna ride switch all day.

also if ur only mission is to ride fast on groomers u should get a more dedicated board.

for everybody else this is the board to have.

the first track i did with this board i was worried about the width wider than i was used to (had a fish and ross powersboard). it looks like a wideboard,

But after 2 turns i got the hang of it...and it was easier to carve than a can go easy in a straight line...perfect.

and i really like the oldschool graphics