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irmine122133564-0wrote a review of on March 25, 2008

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well, i bought this chair in a french supermarket eight years ago. they looked quite cheap so no one was buying them which certainly explained why i got them for less than 12 USD. i first got one to try then i returned to the shop and got 4 more. they are so comfortable and make you feel at home anywhere. once you sit in they look elegant. FOR years my guests ravelled at my confortable design chairs. After 5 years, the sitches were worn out, but the worse was the rubber binding that dried up and broke, the rods were still ok and i could have continued using it if lafuma was providing rubber replacements. I WROTE BUT THEY NEVER ANSWERED.
Then i decided to get new chairs and could not buy them as prices soared.

anyway, i do recommend that you even buy just one because the concept is absolutely great, it goes inside, outside, at the beach, in the garden, fits in your car.eXCELLENT product but far too expensive as it rots within 6 years.