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Ingrid R.

Ingrid R.

Ingrid R.

Ingrid R.wrote a review of on June 14, 2012

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I have two pairs. I run 40-55 miles a week and these are my choice pair. Pros: (1) The length is perfect. A lot of running shorts are so short it feels like my junk is hanging out, shaking, etc. (2) The material feels good. I run in the heat and humidity. I sweat a lot and these feel light- not waterlogged like some pairs do. The band at top also doesn't dig into my skin. (3) It's made out of some recycled plastic. I'm a sucker for that green stuff.

Cons: (1) I ripped one pair right the crotch jumping a fence. I ducktaped the slice and still the wear them. (2) I mentioned, I sweat a lot? You can see the sweat in the charcoal grey. By the middle of a long run, it looks like I peed myself by the darker outline.