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Ignacio C.

Ignacio C.

Ignacio C.

Ignacio C.wrote a review of on March 31, 2011

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This is the second time that i buy this gloves. First time was on that magic 606' winter in Jackson Hole, i did on them double seasons since then, putting on them at least 150+ days a year.
That was on December 07. 400+ days after the condition of the gloves are awesome. No cuts, they don't get wet, etc. My big surprise was once i got the new set is how packed they where haha, but as i was telling they have been in the road to much.
I'd pay something 2 cents per day on this gloves and they're still alive. From those i bought 3 years ago i can see some minimal changes in the design which shows how Black Diamond is one of those company who trust in what they do and in the progression of there product. This is the first i go for the same/same (as they say on asia) product in my skiing years. Stoked for it. Kudos to you Black Diamond.